Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Introduction of HTML

HTML is created as a text file with special codes embedded in it's content to direct the browser how to display the content. The special codes embedded are called tags. An example of an HTML Tag is "<>", which is used to designate Text is being Bold. You'll not that the Tag begins with a Less Than (<) and ends with a Greater Than (>).

Many times these tags appear in pairs (that are coincidentally referred to as Tag Pairs). In this case the second tag in the pair has a "/" immediately after the Less Than (<). So for the case of the beginning "" tag, the ending tag would be "". And for Bolding text this makes sense. All the text between the beginning and ending tag will be displayed as bold.

There will be several examples throughout the document but you can also got to the "Samples" page and look at the examples and also manipulate them right on the screen.

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