Sunday, November 15, 2009

how to renew IP address

This is the simple ways to get unique IP address..

  1. Go to Run -> type cmd -> ipconfig /release -> ipconfig /renew
  2. Turn off your modem for 15 second ->delete all cookies in your web browser
  3. Restart of Shutdown your PC.
This is the simple emthod that I know. Use this way to get new IP address..Good Luck!


  1. thanks a loooooooooot for the info..... memang betul2 bagus info ni. nanti kalau ada apa apa yang bagus jangan lupa post kan lagi

  2. kalau guna broadband celcom macam mana? dah cuba steps yang dicadangkan, tapi tak berjaya. Appreciate your help and suggestions..

  3. i'm using broadband.

    is it okay if i want to change my ip address?

    i can't get free download from rapidshare coz it always says that my ip is downloading a file.

    it's like someone else has the same ip address as me.

  4. I found the Ip-address by using the site i searched for renew way finally i got the steps here.