Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can't Update Antivirus, Or Acess ANY Antivirus Website.?

1) If the virus disable your PC ability to download & update Kasperkey.

Download FREE Norman Malware Cleaner from another PC to USB pen drive.…

Then take the USB pen drive to your infected PC and use Norman Malware Cleaner to scan.

2) If Norman Malware Cleaner fail to clean your PC.
Install FREE ClamWin portable anti-virus in an USB pen drive and scan your PC with it.
Use another clean PC to download Clamwin portable anti-virus and install it on a USB pen drive.…

Start Clamwin anti-virus and update the latest anti-virus definition files.
Select the tools menu bar, set the preferences to remove virus.
Take the USB pen drive to your infected PC.
Start the infected PC in safe mode by pressing F8 during start up.
Run the Clamwin Anti-virus on the USB pen drive to scan the infected PC.

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