Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Need to click twice before shutdown

After my friend tells me that he needed help..this is my ideas what should do when your pc or laptop need to click shutdown twice before shutdown..this is not the best ideas but I try my best to help..

  1. Try scan your computer with anti virus and anti malware or spyware program
  2. If 1. still can help you try to make system restore. choose the date before the problem started
  3. You also need to check on the task manager to make sure that is no running programs
  4. You can also make a checkdisk maybe the hardisk having problem
  5. Insert the Windows CD the boot it..and go to repair windows
  6. lastly if all step cannot help you..and this ways is need to choose..format it..but remember you need to backup all your document...
plz comment me if u try..maybe i got new ideas to share..
good luck

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