Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Intrusion Detection Systems

what is intrusion detection systems?what is use for?how we can get it?what are the software?

Intrusion detection systems is one of the ways you to protect you network from being attack by hacker or cracker. Intrusion detection system means to differentiate between an authorized entry and a malicious intrusion. There are two types of intrusion detection systems that is signature-based and heuristic-based. Intrusion detection systems also known as IDS.

Snort are one of the intrusion detection systems famous software but it hard to configure. How it's work? Snort also will tells you where are the attack came from and lot of more. This software also can terminate the connection the suspicious events.

You can download this kind of intrusion detection software from How to configure this software? You can refer this video below or you can get the instruction from

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